Frederic oglaza


Paris | 34yo | 2023
Lead designer at @Starton

Frederic Oglaza as a teacher


Design thinker

I combine empathy, technology, and creativity to generate innovative solutions. My design process is rooted in deep user understanding and cross-disciplinary collaboration to address complex challenges.

Figma expert

Proficient in Figma, I create dynamic, high-fidelity prototypes with ease. My designs are visually captivating and interactive, offering stakeholders a realistic view of the final product.

Developper’s best friend

I bridge the gap between design and development. Fluent in dev lingo, I ensure seamless design-to-code transitions. My designs are not only aesthetic, but also technically feasible and efficient.


Through keen observation, I understand users' behaviors, needs, and motivations. I leverage these insights to create user-centric designs that deliver a superior user experience and meet business goals.

Federating ideas

I am skilled at gathering, refining, and integrating diverse ideas into a unified design strategy. By encouraging collective creativity, I ensure that our solutions are innovative and comprehensive.

Learner Teacher

With a relentless passion for learning, I consistently update my design knowledge. As a teacher, I share this knowledge generously, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaborative learning.



Design tokens introduction

Youtube Channel: La Methode Design
Duration: 8:24